Mediumship Picture Readings By Connie Turner

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Mediumship Picture Readings By Connie Turner

Connie has been psychic all of her life, but in 2011 she discovered she was able to tap into the other side and connect with loved ones who have crossed over. She uses all five of her senses for communication. She works with her angels and guides to help bring someone through to receive the messages they may have for you. All she needs is a picture and first name of the person you're trying to connect with.

There are times when your loved one may not be available due to another task or if they have recently passed. After a funeral, a soul will go into resting and can't be reached during this time. This time period could be as short as two weeks or much longer. If she can't get them to come through, she will either refund your money or ask that you give her a few more days to make the connection.

She asks that you give her 24 hours to complete your reading. After the reading is completed, she will email you back on email that you sent the picture from. Feel free to respond with any questions you have about it.

After you check out, email her at and attach a picture of the loved one that you'd like to connect with. If possible, send a photo with only them in it so the energies are clear and do not mix with the other people in the photo.