Crystal Grid for Abundance

Crystal Grid for Abundance

Posted by Connie Turner on Oct 2nd 2019

Setting up a crystal grid is for putting the law of attraction to work for you. This crystal grid is for bringing abundance into your life and you will need the following items. Citrine, Tiger Eye, Pyrite, Green Aventurine and a white or green candle. You do not have to have all of the crystals listed. It is best to go with your intuition and what resonates the best.

First grab your candle and candle holder or fire proof base and arrange your crystals around the outside of the candle.

Sit down, get comfortable and bring yourself to your center by doing some deep breathing or a short meditation. Then visualize the abundance you want and imagine yourself as if it is already happening. How does it feel to have all that you need? What would you do with your new-found abundance? Maybe it’s a new job, imagine yourself surrounded with your new co-workers and idea work space. Is it a pay raise? Imagine yourself opening your check and seeing it in writing. The more you focus and deeply feel those feelings of having the abundance you desire the better and faster it will manifest.

After you are in the place of abundance, light the candle and repeat this positive affirmation till you feel it is deeply planted in the Universe.

With my crystals, candle and grid time, prosperity is now all mine.

Try to let the candle burn until it burns out on its own. If isn’t possible, snuff it out or dip it in water, but try not to blow it out as this may scatter the intentions you just set.

Keep the stones where you want to manifest the prosperity. If it’s a new job, keep them on your desk.

Time to time, hold the crystals and revisit that place of being in the center of your abundance.